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We value truth, transparency and lasting relationships. Our team has decades of experience serving clients and championing their goals. Our proprietary Retirement Math system and unique strategies have earned the trust of our clients and the world’s best investors/economists.

Reach out to see how we can help you retire confidently by reducing your market risk (often to zero) and guaranteeing you income for life.


Discover the JBP Group difference: We are your trusted financial partners. Founded by identical twin brothers Jim and Brian Fisher, our decades of industry experience and passion for bringing Wall Street solutions to Main Street have fueled our growth into a nationally recognized firm.

Our nationwide team of Retirement Income Experts has impacted the lives of tens of thousands of Americans – ensuring they retire better by saving them millions in taxes and loss from market risk.

Meet The Leadership Team

Jim Fisher

Jim Fisher is Founder and Managing Director of JBP Group

Mike Milligan

Mike Milligan CFP MBA is the Director of Client Strategy and one of the most respected and sought-after financial advisors in the country

Brian Fisher

Brian Fisher is Founder and Director of Client Service

JBP Group
We know that a comfortable retirement doesn’t just happen – It takes planning and long-term support from a trusted advisor. That’s why, along with our powerful algorithms and insightful forecasting tools, our Retirement Income Experts partner with the world’s best investors and advisors to help fulfill your dreams and allow you access to the same returns as the wealthiest of people.
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